Personal Security

This ultimate feature is your helping hand in times of distress and trouble. Simply Key in your distress message and the number of the recipient and you are ready to go with just a shake of your device. It sends a message automatically to the recipient.

Anti Virus

Just like your system’s Antivirus, it scans your mobile phone for any harmful virus. You can also update virus Database and schedule your scanning to be secure.

Anti Theft

With this feature you can protect your phone data from being misused in case its stolen. With just a sms command you can block your device, or receive a notification in case a new Sim card is plugged in.


Manage your Mobile Antivirus by suggesting this great software around and updating your secret code for greater security purposes.

Privacy Adviser

Manage your installed applications permissions to access your Contacts, Location, Accounts and your Messages.

Parental Control

Block unwanted applications and websites on your device. This is extremely helpful for blocking access to unwanted application and websites.

About Us

AKick software is one of a well renowned and well established firm in the field of software security and application. Now, AKick is introducing a much awaited software security application for Smartphones and mobile device for the comfort of their devoted worldwide users. We are availing you to take benefits of our utilities now on your phones also.

One of a marvelous feature which comes with our application is our personal security feature. By using this features, you can easily send a distress message to all your friends and family instantly with a shake of your device at any situation of trouble and danger. It has great ability to keep your system clean and healthy by obstructing latest viruses and noxious softwares which you generally encounter on World Wide Web of internet services with optimum security and safety.

One can easily block his device and data with a simple sms command through an anti theft option if his device get stolen. We are proficient, professional and trustworthy company in area of software development which always keep an eye on the requirements of their global users. Our company was founded in 1999 and it is one of a leading company in I.T. sector industry with headquarter in California. We ensure 100% security and protection against all the malware, spyware and computing threats viruses.

Our company goal is to provide best professional support service which you haven’t experienced before till yet, so that we can achieve our valuable customer’s optimum satisfaction level. We believe in long term relations with our customer by delivering excellent services with loyalty, reliability and honesty. We have well suited and equipped labs to prepare software on window platform. At AKick, we have proficient engineers and consultants to assist our customers round the clock whenever required.

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Top-Notch Security for Mobile Device

Social Site Protector
Scans web, Twitter®, & Facebook® links
Akick Image Editor Services
akick antivirus tech support
Obstruct Noxious Softwares
Blocks viruses, spyware, & other malware
online tech support
malware removal tech support
Self Regulated Browser Cleaner
Get rid of annoying browser add-ons.
malware removal tech support
akick pc optimizer tech support
Safeguard E-mail
Warns you of malicious attachments
pc optimizer tech support
image editor tech support
Protect All Data
Encrypts & password-protects private files
best tuneup utilities
Forbid Pollutants Entry
Protects you from harmful downloads
Firewall Magnification
Blocks hackers for safer shopping & banking
Secure Secret Data
Log in to your real banking site, not a fake one.
Anti Spam & Scams
Keep your inbox free of spam & scams

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